30th Mar 2018

SFTP/SSH Port Change

Attn: XMLA Hosting CustomersWe have been seeing an increase in potential hacking attempts to SSH and SFTP on port 22 - so we are pro-actively changing this port to 2222 to completely block these automated attempts. Please update your s/ftp client or include this port when connecting to SSH or SFTP remotely to successfully access the server to ...

19th Jan 2018

.NET Price Increase Effective 02/01/18

Announcing upcoming price changes for .NET domains. The revision of the prices is due to the change in the cost price from the registry. The increase will be $1.00 more per domain/per year.Old Price: $13.33 for New Registrations, $12.83 for renewals and transfers.New Price: $14.33 for New Registrations and $13.83 for renewals and transfers.From ...

5th Jan 2018

Spectre and Meltdown Vunerabilities

We are presently working on patching the recently released vulnerabilities known as "Meltdown" and "Spectre", on our entire server infrastructure and datacenter.  All servers will be patched and automatically rebooted over the next 72 hours. Due to the severity of these vulnerabilities, we are unable to schedule the patching and reboot ...

2nd Oct 2017

New Website!

Enjoy our new Website for ordering and managing your services with XMLA.