Backup your E-Mail

To backup your email for offline storage and review ( archived to your e-mail client ) please follow the following steps:

In your email client (Application used for email capture), on the bottom left, there should be a + or add button. If not, right-click and select New Folder. 

Enter the New Folder Name. ( *Make sure your online e-mail account is not selected when you create the new folder - Store the newly created folder "On My Mac" or on "Local Folders". )

Now, navigate to your account(s) and drag and drop your folders and messages into the folder you just created. You can select all when viewing messages and move all at once.

Wait until the messages have completed moving to the archive folder and remove the folders and mail from your online account. You can use the activity or progress viewer to see the status of the transfer.

We recommend making a backup of your website before you remove anything from your email or website in case something goes wrong.

If you require further assistance, please contact our support team to connect to your computer remotely and show you how to perform the required task.

Windows Live Mail Users - *Please upgrade to Outlook or GMail for your E-Mail.

Note: You can not archive email from webmail.
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